12 tips for the best thrift


Thrifting is all about finding pieces that you most likely will never see on anyone else, for an amazing price, while not contributing to wasteful fast fashion and consumerism. It’s a self-expression treasure hunt. I have a *slight* addiction to the cause.

To help smooth out your process, here are 12 tips for the best thrift- how to have the best/most efficient experience possible (I’ve had a LOT of practice).

  1. Sell/donate clothes you no longer use before you shop and only replace the same amount of clothes that you got rid of (or even less if you have amazing will power).

  2. Wear spandex shorts, a sports bra or tight tank top, and slip on shoes to easily try things on (not all thrift stores have dressing rooms or might have a long wait for one)

  3. Bring some essentials. Snack, water, Breath Lift, lip balm

  4. Decide ahead of time what you want to spend and only bring that amount in cash (It’s wayyyy too easy to go overboard)

  5. Scan rows of clothes for colors and patterns that are appealing to you and then explore those pieces. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to look through every piece of clothing on a rack.

  6. BRING YOUR OWN SHOPPING BAGS. I know that at my fav thrift store, they only have ginormous plastic bags and barely fill each one up. To reduce waste always bring your own.

  7. Call/check the store website ahead of time to see if there are sale days.

  8. Scan the whole store, collect all the interesting items, and then try on all at once.

  9. Only buy things that you LOVE and that you know you will wear more than once. I’ve been all too guilty of buying things and then realizing when I got them home that I will never wear them.

  10. Help each other out! Let others know when something looks good on them or would be cute on them, and accept feedback others might share about your potential new pieces.

  11. If you find something that would look cute on someone in the store… show it to them!

  12. Most importantly… have the best time and find those unique, “so you”, pre-loved pieces. 

Anyone looking for an in-person thrifting coach? But really, if you ever need a thrifting companion I’M YOUR GIRL.

In the name of vintage,

Sarah :)

Sarah Cloes